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The human body needs to rest. Like any other motor, if you push it beyond its limits, it will burn out. The general thinking is that the body uses this period of time at night to recover from the day's events. Consequently, the body relies on a proper amount of good quality sleep.

There are numerous studies that describe the bad things which may occur when people don't get enough sleep.

Poor sleep, or sleep deprivation may be associated with: 

  • reduced performance

  • reduced motor skills

  • reduced attention

  • increased chance of high blood pressure

  • increased coronary artery calcification (by ct scan)

  • increased chance of heart attack, stroke or angina

    • this may be seen in patients who sleep less than 5 hours per evening

  • increased mortality

    • this may be seen in patients who sleep less than 4-6hours per evening although  there is some evidence to also show that too much sleep can also be associated with increased mortality as well

  • altered immune function..

    • this may be seen in In patients subjected to sleep deprivation, wherupon their levels of tumor necrosis factor and interleukin are noted to be higher


So, you can see some of the reasons why it is important to get enough sleep.

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