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Diet and Nutrition

Our body is in a constant state of flux.  Tissues and organs are being constantly broken down and built right back up. Our body's ability to do this properly depends partly on us providing it with plenty of  "good quality" building blocks as well as adequate rest.

Often we eat without giving a moment's thought to the quality or the quantity of the food which we put in our mouths. Yet, when it comes to taking care of our cars or our homes, we seem to understand the importance of maintenance. The truth is, that we think about the importance of  painting our windows or changing our motor oil, because we know that if we don't do it, then it will end up costing us more in repairs later on when the problem worsens. However, the same philosophy can be applied to the  maintenance of our bodies. If we don't take care of our bodies, then we place our own  lives  at risk  and increase our odds of suboptimal performance and of developing  various types of illnesses down the road. Often, it may take several years of body "mismanagement" before we appreciate the full extent of the damage that we have done.

Often we take for granted just how important a balanced diet is. Many of us rush about our busy lives hardly giving thought to ensuring that we balance our meals, let alone trying to eat enough of the right things so as to ensure that we get an adequate intake of all the necessary nutrients (RDI. Recommended daily intake). I believe that significant amongst our daily problems are the facts that our lives our extremely busy. Many of us don't really know how to eat healthy. We learn from what we see, and for some of us, our society has evolved into a fast food frenzy. Even those amongst us with adequate knowledge about healthy nutrition may simply not have the time to apply it. So, that is the problem. 

The solution is self-education and putting aside the time to apply your knowledge. At the end of the day, each and every one of us is responsible for the quality of the food which we feed ourselves and , in some cases, our loved ones. It's nobody else's responsibility.

We need to appreciate this and take charge of it, because if you are going to eat a diet that is rich in fat and carbs, then you are going to build a body that is rich in fat and carbs. That is not to say that fat and carbs is bad, because we do need them in controlled amounts. It's just that we need more of the good things and a lot less of the bad things. Furthermore, we need to ensure an adequate supply of the good things, because deficiencies can occur and may lead to many different diseases.  (click here to read more)

A healthy body needs to be built and maintained. It is constantly breaking itself down and building itself up. To do this properly, it requires the right proportion of macronutrients   (carbohydrates, protein, fat, and certain elements like sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, etc), fiber, water and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). It is suggested that we eat a diet that is rich in vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, healthy fats, and to a lesser extent dairy/eggs, lean animal products/fish, and is low in salt and fats. Fat intake is best kept relatively low and favors the polyunsaturated form (rather than the saturated or trans fats).   High fat diets are thought to contribute to many forms of diseases and high salt diets contribute to high blood pressure.

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